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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dollar Collapse

What Does Japan’s Implosion Mean For the Rest of Us?
Expect Gold to Gain More Than 30% This Year John Embry,
Value of Derivatives held by US Banks = USD$200 Trillion

Safe Haven | Debt Issues:
Expect gold to gain more than 30 this year:
There is no such thing as Government Debt, there is only such a thing as people's debt:
Ignore These Findings At Your OWN Risk!:

Banks' bad debts to rise for another year, says Moody's - Telegraph
"Economic Recovery statistical only Not human yet":
World Economic Forum, Davos 2010:
July,2009 President Obama's Speech on Health Insurance:

Glenn Beck - President Obama's Cabinet - inexperianced:

Obama's Dream World
Video | Personal Liberty Digest:

The Government is the Problem because of DEBT:
How your nett worth decreased while you worked:
USD12 Trillion Debt:
Beck bashes 'slaughter' evidence:
Paul Krugman News reporting 'deliberate misinformation'

What's our greatest HOPE?:
Glenn Beck -Where Bailouts began:
Political Math:
IMF sold 200 Tons of Gold to India for USD 7 Billion:

The inevitable collapse of the dollar
The U.S. Economy is Unsustainable:
USA is living beyond its means":
The Greatest Threat to the American People:

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