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Friday, February 5, 2010

A walk through the Garden of Global Economy

We have arrived at 4th Feb 2010; and have heard President Obama's State of the Union Speech. I like speeches by statesmen because they tell everything
bad without telling anything bad! So you have read between, behind, above and below the lines.

It is written on the wall that the Global Economy is in Shambles. If you do not know where the wall is please Visit my Blog: - it points to the walls of thousands of websites. I am not an academician. I am just a seeker of truth and as was said,
"Know the truth and the truth will set you free."

My research, made me stumble into books, news articles, television report and
man to man information the shocking truth of the State of Global Economy. If your personal debts were so high that it would take 100 years to repay how would you feel? Very insecure, right? Right. That is exactly the state of the Global Economy as we know it!

In 1910 USA Debt was USD$20 Billion
In 1980 USA Debt was USD$ 1 Trillion
In 1990 USA Debt was USD$ 3 Trillion
In 2000 USA Debt was USD$ 5 Trillion
In 2010 USA Debt is - USD$ 14 Trillion
In 2020 USA Debt will be : $ 28 Trillion

Under the present Economic trends and climate, if 1 Billion people today start paying all their debts bit by bit and all 190 Nations start paying all their debts bit by bit, it will take 100 years to settle the accounts. This is our Economic Heritage.

But ....but, the situation is such that we have arrived at such a place that we just
cannot move forward, meaning , every path has an end and we have arrived at THE END.

We cannot operate our Life Styles the way we have done it the last 65 years. Our air is dirty, Our water is dirty, Our Food is mixed with chemicals, Our Transportation Stream is clogged as much as our irrigation and drainage systems; as much as our personal arterial and intestinat tract. Our Telephone and Internet bills are increasing because it is deemed important. Our Healthcare and Education expenses are increasing so that some Multinational Corporate can milk the efforts of our sweat.

What is the greatest social expense to the World today is that "the Baby Boomers" have come of retirement age and for the next 30 years will have healthcare expenses which they are not prepared to pay. There are 1 Billion Baby Boomers, and possibly only 1 in 10 will be ready to retire financially!

We are given an easy life of a limitless organized heavy entertainment, sports and
sexually titillating excitement (not unlike what the Romans enjoyed in the 1st Century AD just before their collapse) to dull our mind as good as drugs, so that we do not think (reason) that our blood, sweat and tears are going to feed the coffers of just 1% of the Global Population i.e. about 60 million

Yes, 90% of the world's wealth is in the hands 60 million borderless elite. If you were one of them would you want to change the system? I doubt, I wouldn't. However, the truth is there is no system in place. We have deregulated the Economic Banking System that to rein it back is not possible.

What is a System? A system is something that works harmoniously like a wheel :-
action and reaction, sowing and reaping, cycle of life, seasons in the year, a watch.
These are Beneficial Systems, beneficial because they are dependable and within
humanly tolerable limits.

However, The Elitists only hope is to Depend on science, technology and military might. USD$1 Trillion is what is spent annually to maintain global "security". Actually it is nothing secure because it is just an army used to cause fear upon smaller governments. If the Economic System of the Elitists is not complied by the less powerful, life will be made intolerable by all kinds of sanctions, blackmails and over throws!

Basically, the elitists have got all the global money making industries in their hand. To top it up they control the media and banks. Now which government of a nation would NOT want to be on the side of Industrialists, Bankers and Media? NONE. Q.E.D.: 95% of all national Governments line themselves up to receive printed money from the World Bank so that they can build "infrastructure" to look rich but actually the whole population is indebted to a World Bank.

So we have a so called Man-made System to benefit certain Men (oligarchs). It works like this: Provide everyone with Debt Finance for Junk Food, Water and Air, Houses, Furniture, Cars, Telephone, Internet, Television, Roads, Cars, Aeroplanes, Trains, Ships, weapons, Healthcare and Education. On top of that create a stock market (wall street) so that the money minded may think that they can make more money without effort.

Every 8 years the elitists collapse the market, collect their share and let the rest
scuffle for cover. Now, is it complicating to realise why the rich get richer?

The late comers in the market are invariably, poorer being less connected and less informed; so the poor get poorer. With new suckers born every year it is quite possible to perpetuate this system forever, right ? Wrong.

This "system" has successfully survived for 500 years as the story goes. My point is, why is there no more room for "growth"? There is no more room for growth because Science is made for man and Not Man made for Science. In the same way, the Economy is made for Man not Man made for the Economy of Certain Elitists.

Man together with plants, animals and nature were made to live under laws of
gravity, agriculture and morality. The System of Usury grew out of a culture
that experienced unlimited opportunities within 1 life time for taking risks.

Adventurism brought with it unparalleled booty. New Nations, new people, new raw material, new goods, new services and new resources were found. Money was worth borrowing because it brought general progress, peace, prosperity, health and knowledge.

However, by the end of the 19th Century, i.e. 1899, all the land that was to be found
on earth was already found. With no more room for expansion, tension started
building which culminated with the World War I.

( Natural Law: People fight because there is no room to expand)

Further advances were only possible through printing money, due to the dire shortage of ideas. This gave a great edge to the the chief Bankers, US Federal Reserve and a few families who were at the right time at the right place to grasp the opportunity. These were the families of J.P.Morgan and David Rockefeller.

With further imbalances in the social, political and economic scene - World War II was triggered, in 1940 with the rise of the 3rd Reich in Germany, drumming up
war against the Richer neighbouring Nations.

When the United Nations was formed in 1946, Poverty itself definitely seemed to be the cause for World War II. However, from 1900 to 1950 was the era of scientific inventions. Science became the Primary Thing to get Mankind out of his Mess. This was the Era of Logic over the invisible. Inventors and Discoverers were glorified.

So, Science plus Money made good bedfellows until 1980; but the seeds for the
economic growth to self destruct had been planted centuries earlier when the dependence on usury began!

Gold Reserves were removed stealthily, to be replaced by just printed notes. The general populace who were just accustomed to using notes as an exchange, were not aware of all the economics, politics and history of where notes came from. If a man has been accustomed to notes for fifty years to feed and house his family, it is only understandable that the man would have suspended his need to think where money came from!

So as long as no one questioned it, those controlling the PRINTING OF MONEY, JUST PRINTED AWAY! US became the legal printer of Money for the World because USA was seen and hyped to be the rescuer of World in the 2nd World War (1940 - 1945).

However, the truth unveiled after the Global Economic Crisis of 2008, that the office of Printing the Worlds Money did NOT belong to the US Government, Nation or People! The Office of Printing the Money for the US and the World belonged to a Privately Instituted Organization known as the Federal Reserve whose 1913 legalised duty was to print the money for the Government (for all its functions) and put a value on it.

In 1913, it would have been seen as a stop gap measure but who could have guessed in 1913 what would happen over the next 100 years!

From 1970 began the Era of Deregulation and Privatisation, derivatives and Hedge Funds, The Richer and more Powerful People organised every imaginable good and evil in the pandora's box and set them free in the name of FREE MARKET, Globalisation and Free Trade. To cut a long story short on October 2008, Evil Over took Good and reared its ugly head, displaying the unbridled nature of Man.

The above statement is over simplified only for the convenience of understanding.The real truth was that hell was getting ready to break free over a period of 40 years with sufficient warning signs and symptoms which were conveniently swept under the rug for the convenience of the Politicians, Bankers, Industrialists and Media Moguls - who were the real elitists!

In the span of 65 to 100 years these elitists had step by step positioned themselves to legally garner the wealth of the world by every conceivable and inconceivable slate of hand.

Today, although we must fairly admit we would not have seen and experienced thousands of benefits of Science and Wealth, we must also broadcast all the ill effects of unregulated science, banking, politics and military might which are out to destroy the world!

The greatest evidence That American Capitalism is NOT bringing order, prosperity and Peace world-wide is the fact that From 1960 to 2010, 50 year Period, the Numbers and Percentage of People going Hungry on the daily basis is INCREASING to the shocking level of 16% the Global Population, i.e. 1 Billion People world-wide are starving and 4 Billion People are struggling to survive on the edge of Poverty. In USA, 30 Million live in Poverty in 2010!

60 Million are the Super Class Elitist and 1 Billion is the Number of People World-wide who are benefiting from the present "system". This is Not an Economy in Balance and so we are at the Precipice of War, as was the economic imbalance that caused the 1st and 2nd World Wars.
When War erupts even the 1 Billion who have benefited from the fiat system will lose their benefit over night! (Remember - our grandfathers lived through 2 World Wars, our fathers lived through 1 World War. We do not know the meaning of WAR!)

I hope I have brought you through the Garden of Global Economy to enlighten you of the Era in which we live, so that we do not live in Fool's Paradise and be taken for a ride by Politicians and Elitists ganging up against us because we have failed to use our thinking cap, UNITE and act.

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