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Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't Be Fooled

Don't be Fooled and Watch These Trends over the Next DECADE:

- Upward spiraling Inflation

- US Dollar Falling

- Increased Sovereign Debt

- Increased Displaced & Marginalized People

- Relative Property Value Falling in Developed Countries

- Property Value Rising in Developing Countries

- Oil Price Increasing

- Food Price Increasing

- Commodities Increasing

- Immigration Population,in search for Greener Pastures, Increasing

- Cost of Living Increasing

- Relative Salary Falling World-wide

- Widening Rich - Poor Gap

- Casino Stock Market

- Unemployment Rising in Developed Countries

- Employment Opportunities with Lesser Salaries Rising in BRIICS nations.

- Time to be thrifty.

- Stay away from Debt.

- Riots and Protests becoming common

- Printing Money out of Thin Air by all nations

- The Engineering of The Coming Greatest Global Economic Collapse

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