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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Educators of Liberty!:

3 Years after the Global Economic Collapse, America is still standing but Many European and Middle East Nations are Collapsing. Why is this So?
We Cannot discuss American Wealth & Power in Isolation any more. To do so is To be uninformed and uneducated and to be deceived. It is Like Taking A Long linked chain. The Strength of the Chain is its WEAKEST Link. It Like taking a Whole well Tailored Gown; A tear in any part makes the whole gown redundant. IT is not just There is a Fly in the Soup Case. It is Worse. The Whole Bowl of Soup is Full of Maggots!

The Emperor is Naked and Americans especially the Leaders are too corrupted to Admit they are unable to Practice what they PREACH. So long as they can go home with a FAT PAY CHECK to feather the bed of their wife, they hold no responsibility how THE POOR manage their Food, Family, Health and Education.

THE Rich - Poor disparity is an Eye-Sore. We need leaders who are Remorseful and not Arrogant. Leaders who can Dare To Stand Up and Say "We are Sorry - The System has Failed - We Are Heading The World and Ourselves Up A Cliff from which there will be NO RETURN." When there is A HEAD of USA who can say that, I believe there can be an Economic Turn Around for USA and the Rest of the Nations. Until then, ALL SPEECHES are DECEPTIONS and are Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin who played a magic flute to lure the town's children Like Lemmings up the CLIFF to their demise.

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