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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Edge of The Abyss

It is Too late to Save USA to become a Christian Nation. 235 years Too Late.

It is Too Late To Stop The US Dollar from diminishing its Present Status as the ONLY world's Reserve Currency.

It is Too Late To Stop a Global Economic Collapse Greater than the one in 2008.

It is Too Late To Stop Global Transformation from the World as we knew it.

You Can't Tell people To stop using Oil, Banks & Computers.
It is Too Late. The World as we know it is Over.

We are moving into The Most Trying Times in World History.
See You in 10 Years Time at The End of The Tunnel.
2035 is There, Better or Worse Will Depend on The People, DEFINITELY NOT THE GOVERNMENTS.

GOVERNMENTS with Bankers are the ones who brought us to The Edge of The abyss.

David Korten's Book "Agenda for A New Economy" was Responsible For Awakening Me & helping me Get An accurate Perspective of The Present Geopolitics & Economy of The World. I am thankful To Him.

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