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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

USA - Land of the Free

The High Price of Materialism:

USA - Land of the Free

What Type of Nation is it that has 1 in 6 of its People on Food stamps, is a World Super Power, is The Greatest Debtor Nation, Spends A $Trillion a year on Military, has a Budget deficit of $1 Trillion annually, has 25% of The Global GDP, has only 5% the World Population but Causes 25% of The World's Carbon Foot Print, is Controlled by a Shadow Government of Elite Bankers & Industrialists and Spends unthinkable amounts on Electing Congressmen and A President who feed on the Rich and Enslave The Poor and has 5% the Population owning 65% of the Nation's Wealth ????

A Plenitude Economy

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