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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Economic Hitman - John Perkins

John Perkins spent three decades as an Economic Hit Man, business executive, author, and lecturer. He lived and worked in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and North America. Then he made a decision: he would use these experiences to make the planet a better place for his daughters generation.

Malaysia Economy 2012

“We foresee external headwinds gathering pace, given the eurozone debt crisis that could have far-reaching ripple effects on the rest of the world,”
CIMB Research.

According to CIMB Research, the slower growth momentum is attributable to the strengthening of external headwinds, which are weighing on the Malaysia's exports and industrial output.

Index shows Malaysia heading for slower growthMerkel Is Firm on Austerity, Bailout Limits
World's No.1 Problem: The Eurozone Debt Crisis

The euro zone's crisis is now viewed as the world economy's No. 1 problem, and analysts have criticized Germany's emphasis on austerity as being responsible for making it worse. WSJ
Davos 2012: Twitterers React to Angels Merkel's Speech
"All I took away from Merkel Davos speech was that expanding the bailout funds are as dead as the deadest dead thing."
Robert Peston,
Business Editor, BBC

“For as long as man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.” ― Pythagoras


Fiat Economy Explained in Simple English

IF, You have no Money, Lots of Debts and No Job and I print A Million Dollars out of Thin Air and lend it to You To SPEND, OF Course YOUR ECONOMY will Look AS IF it is IMPROVING !
That is Called Fiat Economy. <><><><><<><

SOTU 2012
Obama is Definitely not to blame for the US Economy, HE inherited the Mess which began when he was Born.

HOWEVER, From his Speeches HE was definitely FULLY AWARE AND AWAKE of the DIRE State of USA & he came into Washington Promising CHANGE.
He had Every opportunity to Change the Direction & initiate of USA's Economic Recovery & The Injustices. But He Did Nothing.

For this Reason only Obama is a thorough Bred Liar, Deceiver, Puppet and it Proves The USA is Run by a Shadow Government of Super Rich Oligarchs & Bankers.
State of the Union 2012: Romney slams speech... while Gingrich pokes fun at 'empty rhetoric'

Angela Merkel opens WEF at Davos

2012 Davos
Angela Merkel is Determined to solve the Eurozone Debt Crisis although she is getting prepared for the Greek Default. Al Jazeera
"The Eurozone is a Train-wreck in Slow Motion."
Nouriel Roubini
The financial crisis made it all too clear that we're all in this together. The global economy is becoming borderless and one country's solution can be another's problem. Cooperation and coordinatoon are needed, even if sometimes unwanted.

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