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Monday, January 23, 2012

What The Real Economy is Up Against

What Ron Paul is Up against
In Today's World of Information, Free Trade & Globalization, The Deliberate Editing & Censorship of News & Truth is The GREATEST Evil The Leaders of The world are doing to the Citizenry, (through the Main stream media), when the Leaders themselves are UNABLE to protect the citizenry.

The USA is not the Richest Nation on Earth;
It is just a Spring Board Created 200 years ago by the Elite Rich Oligarchs to Dominate and Hijack the World by Fraud, deception, Deceit & Trickery.
The Oligarchs are NOT bothered about People.
We are Living in A Hijacked, Failed System.
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Unresolved Economy:
What is The Real Picture of The Economy?

Who should we Listen To?

50%, Those who are Old, Sick, Weak, Poor, Jobless - Think The Economy is Weak
50%, Those who are Young, Strong, with Career - Think The Economy is Vibrant

In A Fiat Economy it is difficult to Predict what will happen in the near future due to deception, deceit, fraud, Coverup & Trickery.
However, Knowing it is A Fiat Economy will tell us that it is just A matter of TIME before the cracks start to appear all over the World:

*Dysfunctional Families
*Wars and Rumours of Wars
*Dysfunctional Cities
*Money Loses its Value
*Increase of the Rich Poor Gap
*Increase in Health care Bills
*Increase in Taxes
*Increase in Food Price
*Increase in Energy Price
*Increase in the Cost of Living but no equivalent increase in wages
*Bankrupt States
*Bankrupt Nations
*Uneven Distribution of Wealth
*Disappearance of the Middle Class
*Pollution of The Planet
*Corruption of The Leaders
*The lower Class stealing to Earn Money
*The Upper Class Cheating to Earn money
*Bailing Out Companies
*Bailing Out Nations
*Unlimited Printing of Money
*Secret Meeting to decide Monetary Policies.
*No Action to Regulate The Runaway Economy

These are The Beginning of Much more Troubles Ahead in the Coming Years.

Against the Wind

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