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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Asia: Wither Goest Thou ?

Asia: Wither Goest Thou ?

The next 90 Years Belongs To Asia. Blessing or Curse to Humanity will have to be seen. If only 10% are Rich and 90% are Poor then I do not call it Progress.

If Pollution is Unchecked, I do not Call it Progress. If Food Supply and Pharmaceuticals Distribution are All controlled by Crony Government Policies I do not Call that progress. If Climate Change is the Order of The day and Carbon Tax is The New In Thing THEN I know the Freemasons have Penetrated Asia and ARE making it Their New Feasting Ground until they Bleed the nations of Asia of their Resources as they have Done in Europe and America over the last 100 years.

Change must Come From The Bottom Up. Asia Cannot take The Road Europe and America took or it will be the End of Humanity, not just Asia.

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