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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Selected Music To Play When You Know .....

Selected Music To Play when You know the Economy is Going To Crash


The Great Global Pyramid
The Structure of The Pyramid
How To Build A Top - Down Pyramidal Global Oligarchy

The Base of The Pyramid is Extremely Important otherwise the Top will Collapse:

Base: Poverty, Starvation, Terrorism, Drugs, Prostitution, Disease & WAR
Above The Base: Have The Fun Loving, Care Free, Freedom Lovers, Hoi Polloi, Labourers, Foot-Soldiers, Sheeple & Peons.
Above That: Professionals, Managers, Academicians, Inventors, Skilled workers & Scientists
Above That: The Investors
Above That: The Super Rich & Elite, Multi-National Corporations & Banks
Above That: The Bilderberg Group, CFR, Secret Societies & Agencies
The Pinnacle: The Shadow Masters of The World

Now I Hope You Understand WHY Poverty, Disease & War will Never Be eradicated.
They ARE THE NECESSARY FOUNDATION that holds the rest of The Pyramid.
If Poverty, Disease & Evil are eradicated There Won't be Any Need for Oligarchs & Elite.
As far as I am concerned, it is humanly impossible to reverse the Decline Trajectory that USA is on for the Next 8 years.

Next 8 years, it will be "down down and we go" for USA; After that things might change but still for another 10 years many Americans will be suffering. Americans will suffer but foreigners will enter US to keep it going.
The Total collapse of USA or the Dollar is not Likely as it will not be in the interest of the rest of the Countries to let it do so.
Many People still see The Benefits USA has contributed to The World.

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