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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Money, Banking and The Federal Reserve

Money, Banking and The Federal Reserve


Printing-Money-Out-of-Thin-Air & Bail-Out are the Worst Combination Anyone Can Conceive of in Capitalism. To Have Printing-Money out of Thin Air is Bad Enough in Capitalism. To Have Bailout alone is Bad Enough in Capitalism. To Have A Printing-Money-Out-of-Thin-Air & Bail-Out Combination in A Capitalistic SYSTEM is to admit that The System DOES NOT Exist Any MORE. Capitalism is Over. Don't Kid Yourself. USA gets along very well with China because they are both now Communist, Military and Industrial.

What is A Bail-Out?
A Bail Out is Not The Public investing in Business as How The Administrators want you To Imagine. A Bail-Out is The Bank Robbing The Public in Broad Day Light, exchanging the Good that The Public Has for The Rubbish The Bank Has.

What is Printing-Money-Out -Of-Thin-Air ?
Nothing But The Giving of Power to Those in Power when they do not Deserve it & The Hindrance of Those who can Correct The System from Taking Their Place.

Now Combine These 2 Evils and You have Satan Controlling This World.

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