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Monday, May 14, 2012

An Attempt To Answer The World's Debt Woes

The Congress, The President & The System is Completely Messed Up. We cannot Turn Back The Clock & Start from 1776. We Cannot switch off The Elite. We cannot Throw the Evil in Hell. WHAT DO WE DO ?

This is my answer to the Question:
1) Stop Bailing out Companies. Let them Fail.
2) End The Fed
3) Regulate Banks
4) Lending Banks & Investment Banks to be different.
5) Devalue The US Dollar over 30 years to 50% its present value
6) Have A Basket of Currencies as world's reserve Currency
7) G8 must be Converted To G40.
8) USA cannot Play Policeman of The world any more.
9) Clean Energy source must be socialized not monopolized.
10) Food, Land, seed, water Cannot be monopolized by Multinational corporations.
11) Every Nation must be self sufficient with Basic Agriculture.
12) BIG NO to Printing Unlimited Money out of Thin-air.
13) BIG NO to Short Term international Investments.
14) Knowledge, information & Speech to be made FREE.
15) Food, clothes, Housing, Roads, Schools, Water, Telecommunication, Electricity & Internet to be made available to The 4 billion People who are NOT receiving it Now by 2040.
16) Op
portunistic Parasites on other Humans, in Whatever Name or disguise, should be STOPPED.

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