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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Economy, Reality & The Herd Mentality

How to make USA into A Corporate Dictatorship

Economy ? What Economy ? Bull Shit Economy !

In many nations Today's world we have come to the Point where 30% of The younger Generation, below the age of 40, are shamelessly dependent for the maintenance of Their Life-Style on the Former Generation. Is this a good economy ? No, it is Not.

Growth & Economic Prosperity of A Nation has always been when Poor people are in A situation where they can grow out of Poverty into Prosperity INDEPENDENTLY - i.e. by themselves. If the average person is unable to do this in a disciplined & peaceful way without paying the Price of illness, threat, family dysfunctionality & Financial Horror - THEN THE SYSTEM HAS FAILED, not the Person.

Today, after 100 years of the corrupt and unregulated Central Banking System being The "Economic System" of the World, Not only are individuals Financially Broke, but also businesses, Companies, families, Banks, Corporations & Nations, NOT to mention A whole generation of FRESH GRADUATES !

The Reality is More are Falling into Financial Stress.
The Reality is A Few are Climbing into Prosperity.
The Reality is The News is Not Disclosing the Truth.
The Reality is as Time goes on The Stress Gets More Stressful.
The Reality is GDP is No More an indicator of Positive growth.
The Reality is GDP shows A FEW People are GETTING Richer & Richer while some may have more money but most NEVER a better Quality of Life and Peace because the value of money has Shrunk !

The Greatest Economic FACT of The LAST 4 Decades is that, YEAR BY YEAR, Workers wages HAVE NEVER increased in Proportion to Inflation, Thus further putting the Lives of The average Man and Woman under the cover of THE FINANCIAL PRESSURE COOKER.

That is What I mean by Bull Shit Economy. Wake Up, Because the Citizens HAVE TO wake up First, before the Government can Wake up. That has always Been The Case.

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