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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Illuminati Exposed

I will Not Trouble The Illuminati if The Illuminati does not Trouble me. The Fact is The Illuminati is The Highest Power Centre on Earth Today. (It is not the only Power Centre.) Its Presence is irrefutable Beyond any reasonable Doubt. Its members include The Richest in the World, The Most Powerful in the World, The Presidents of USA & those in High offices in Big Corporations, Institutes & Organization. Royalties are in the Illuminati. Many Individuals are being influenced by them without being Aware. Many Churches are linked to them. Their Association with Satanism is like that of A Hand & A Glove. They Believe in The preservation of The Super Rich Elite Oligarchs & The elimination of 90% the Human Race. As a Parent, Would You want Your Child to be their Victim ? That is My Main Point.

The Illuminati Controls the UN, Federal Reserve & The Central Banking system
The Federal Reserve, The UN, IMF and the Powers that Be acknowledge the Existence of The FIAT MONETARY SYSTEM and that is why when there are Bankruptcies they provide Free Food to individuals, Bailouts to Corporations & More Loans (Money printed out of thin Air) to already Bankrupt Nations.


How to run a democracy:
Get the USA to support a Tyrant in another nation.
The Tyrant gets the Glory, The Nation gets Jobs, US gets Preferred Resources.

BUT the US Citizens don't get Jobs; just Free Food.


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