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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Obfuscation - Means: Making things look unnecessarily complex.
1) Quantitative Easing really Means: Printing Money out of thin Air.
2) Usury Means: Legalized Slavery
3) Fractional Reserve Banking Means: Rich can Get as Rich as They Like.
4) Investment Means: Ponji Scheme

How Can a System which Prints Money Out Of Thin Air, Practices Usury, Fractional Reserve Banking AND Ponji Investment Schemes EVER be REAL, FAIR, SUSTAINABLE & JUST?
But Most people do not get it.
They ask me What I am talking About.How Can A Nation spend more than it earns for 20 years at a stretch? That is Precisely the US Fiscal Agenda. If it was the Agenda of Brokistan, it is A Small matter. But this is USA. This Agenda will Drag the whole world Financial System to a Grinding HALT !

"Once 30% of American Tax Revenue is used to Pay Interest on Debt, THE SYSTEM will Collapse." Marc Faber

Even now we can Foresee MILITARY MIGHT is The Ultimate Goal of US Foreign Policy.
3 Steps To PLUNDER:
1) Topple a Government that is insubordinate to US by providing the rebels with Money and Weapons.
2) Install A Proxy Puppet Government.
3) Plunder, Loot & Pillage the Resources of The nation Legally.

The 3 steps to plunder list should be extended to include governments insubordinate to the UK , the EU and the other white majority countries too. AND what if China, Russia, and Other Nations use This SAME method of Gaining Wealth. Can You Imagine it ?

International Monetary Fund Actually Means:
I'll Print Money out of Thin Air and Lend You and You sell the Souls of Your People To us, BECAUSE the People THINK they have to be Subservient any way. They don't know any better because they have been like that for 6,000 years !

"The whole World lies in the Sway of the Devil." Bible

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