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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Success is The Art of Man Extracting Labor From Man at A Politically Negotiated Cheap Price.

The Number Could be as High as 500 Million - Globally!
1st There were Refugees due War.
Then Came Refugees Due To Civil Wars.
Then Came Refugees Dues To Economic Collapse.
Now, There are Refugees due to Climate Change.
The Unemployed: Are A Type of Socio-Political Refugees.
And People Unable to Respond to Various Changes:
Internally Displaced Refugees !

Oligarchy & Global Debt Bull Sh*t:
The 1% Richest (70 Million) in the World have Enough Money to settle ALL the debts of 200 Nations and have A Balance sufficient to do it again !

Right Now IMF is saying Europe is Broke. The IMF is sending out some "scary" news through the Main Stream Media to stir the Cooking Pot.

BRICS is having A Meeting & IMF is suggesting to them to buy Euro Debts. This is Bailing out The Banks and Selling Out The People To Maintain The Oligarchy. Do you see the Picture ?

"As of 2010, the Richest 20% of the US Population control 80% of the Wealth and 400 of the Richest Americans have a greater nett  worth than the full bottom 50% of Households." Huffington Post

The Economy Will Not Return." Bill Still

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