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Saturday, September 5, 2009

After Shock

The Global Economic Meltdown, uncovered to me the depth of the Rootlessness I was building my business, home and life. I am a ground root, 55 years old, ordinary entrepreneur, and took great risks on false hopes to venture into an export business that was doomed from the onset in 1988 when I was 35yrs old.
When the crisis began to unfold in 2007 and The World's Greatest Economists and Politicians began to reveal facts, it only became gradually evident that Politics,Crime and dishonesty is the foundation for Capitalism better described as Destruction Economics because at the pinnacle o,f the hegemony of capitalism there are no rules.

This Fact is hardly taught in any Normal Business School. Everything from Military might, Gangsterism to Cronyism to absurd manipulation is practised just for Global Wealth domination. My Blog, is 5 months of intensive and extensive research on what the truth is to at least 50% of the Global Population who are burning in unnecessary losses due to human weaknesses being taken advantage of by Political Leaders, Global Giant Corporations and their manipulative CEOs.
This is not meant to be some kind of Bad News, Pessimistic Blog. It is a rather a Light House to the weary ordinary intelligent trader or consumer whose ship does not seem to be finding its harbour for no seeable reason. Where there is awareness of global scale, global laws and information may change, so that ordinary people can have safer journeys through Life. That is my Hope.

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