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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today's Book Selection - Catastrophe by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann - It's time to take back our country. Barack Obama and the Democrats are . . . Canceling the war on terror . . . and replacing it with a war on prosperity. Taking away your health care options . . . And replacing them with government rationing. Taking control of the banks, Detroit, and your money . . . and converting them all into government assets. We're not just heading for disaster . . . it's already here! Listen to Catastrophe today and find out how to stop it. Now, in Catastrophe, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann take a hard look at America in freefall-and at now-President Obama, who is already exploiting our distress by transforming a vulnerable America into a socialist state. "This is no time for apathy or alienation or hopelessness," Morris and McGann remind us. "It's a time for action." And that action must begin now-before it's too late.

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Dear Readers, You are only able to take action if you have knowledge. It is normal to keep our house open unless we know there is a possiblity of a Break in. It is for this purpose that this Blog is written. Kindly set up your own Blog and declare your awareness in 500 words so that the white collar criminals and their cohorts who are distributed all over the world do not exploit the present World System for their own selfish ends.If you need help to set up a Blog to say the Message, let me know at Thank You.

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