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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Destruction Economy

WHAT is Destruction Economy ? In Brief Destruction Economy is Using You an Inexhaustible source of Expantion or Spender to become dependent on an Renewable ( or Perishable) source of Energy so that you work to get paid to pay them ( The Corporation) back. The Corporations get an Unlimited Renewable Income while you get an Diminishing Return over time unless you are an owner of a Corporation. Laws are set up to protect the Big Players at the expense of the masses (Labourers and users). In the End the Rich get Richer - The Poor get Poorer.
If there is a Demand for more wages, the corporation replant the same operation in a neighbouring country. OR if the Government is afraid the Corporation moves, The Government allows cheaper labour from another country to come in leaving citizens hanging unemployed, high and dry !

There is nothing New about this Knowledge. The Britsh Colonial Rulers were well aware of this and so were the Leaders of Russia, India and China. That is why they kept their economy closed from 1945.

However, by persistent sinister plots for 6 decades, The Americans managed to topple the USSR empire in 1989, win China in 1979 and India in 1995 and Brazil in 1999 and Indonesia in 2005. That is a population size of 50% the World Population became available for Manipulation, Exploitation and Harnessing into the Imperial Empire in a short period of 25 years.

The Apprentice REALTOR in practice

Click here to express your support for this plan to free our energy.
This isn’t just a game of estimates; we can learn from example. Britain’s renewable energy plan will cost 11 to 17 times more than the economic benefits it will bring. In Spain, electricity bills are 10 times higher because of renewable mandates.
Wind and solar power are promising ideas. They are renewable and clean, and parts of the U.S. are very rich in solar and wind resources. But right now it costs far too much money to generate energy from these sources.
Cap and trade should receive the most attention because it’s the most economically devastating part of the bill, but Waxman-Markey also includes a renewable electricity standard that mandates 6 percent of the nation’s electricity come from renewable sources, chiefly wind energy but also others like biomass and solar, by 2012. The mandate increases each year until it reaches 25 percent by 2025.

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