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Thursday, September 3, 2009


"It is better to be a good ordinary bourgeois than a bad ordinary bohemian." [Aldous Huxley, 1930]

This is my Conclusion:
We are living in a "Failed State System", Failed Economic System, Failed Political System.
The Darkness, Evil, Injustice and Unfairness that stretches across the World from end to end like a global curtain, is so wide and so common that it is shamelessly practised and talked about as an open secret.

It is a way of Life To live with evil, to have bad men disguised as good until no one can even claim to be truly and purely sincere and honest and good. No one can be trusted in this dog eat dog world. You scratch my back, I scratch your back World. This problem is there at the Individual, Family, Society, Community, State, Institutional and International Levels until Theories claim that the Globe is controlled by the Super Rich by Proxy. When Money is Master in Capitalism, who can prove it or who can disprove it? We can't achieve anything in this world without money. But money is NOT everything. So the Super Rich are buying talents, Land, Products and superior technology with their money and enmassing military might at the expence of the poor.

Having said so, since it is an open secret that we are living in a Fallen, Deceitful World, why not shine a light instead of Magnifying the Doom? Correct. The Purpose of this Blog was my Personal Effort to do my research to understand the Nature of Man and The Socio-Economic and Political System he is embroiled in. The Purpose of this website is to shine the light to a certain sector of the consumer population who are living by hard work, love and intelligence and still find them self not achieving a fair reward for their effort. The Purpose of this website is to give a chance for the critical thinker to understand that there is a hidden conspiracy by the Super-rich class of the Globe to retain the Wealth and resources of the Earth and Life for themselves at all cost even if half the world is destroyed, instead allowing a fair distribution of wealth and prosperity.

This “ATTITUDE” even by Global Leaders creates a tense environment of mistrust among nations, communities and people that Natural Resources are Depleted out of Fear or Greed – Threatening Wars to be inevitable. Infact, my last word: FEAR is the Key to control the World.



(2) BLOG IT. When 1 Billion people have Blogged it, the Leaders who are people pleasers will be forced to do the right thing instead of the convenient thing for self interests and personal political agendas!

(3) ENJOY - The Following 3 Songs:

U.S.S. of A.

A Bailout Song

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