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Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 - What's in Store?

Dear Friends, Since 2011 is round the corner and Many of us want to know where we are heading, this is my opinion after 2 years of Research:
1)The whole planet earth including the Plants, Animals, Forests, Waters and People exists to the Status Quo only for the purpose of Exploitation.

2)The best thing to do is Educate your Friends and Family and do what you can. Earn, Save, Invest in commodities and Prepare yourself for the Next Catastrophic Global Stock Market Crash in 2015. We have 5 years left.

3) You must realize we got here over 65 years after the 2nd World War. The World at that time was controlled by certain Power Centres. We took a rapid Path of Industrialization and Urbanization BY Printing Money to create wealth. This seemed to Distribute wealth but in truth it only Monopolized Wealth.

4) The Sooner we realize Quality of Life is Not Measured in Dollars and Cents the Better.

5)We must realize the Main Function of the Governments is to perpetuate themselves and not the People. You have to defend yourself without breaking the Law and Ethics.

6) There never was and never will be a short cut to success and prosperity except by the destruction of something or somebody else.


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