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Monday, December 13, 2010

Letter to The President of Transparency International

Dear President,
Transparency International,
On the 9th of December is UN Anti-Corruption Day.

This is What I have to say about the Length, Depth and Height of Corruption World-Wide:

It is an insult to the intelligence of a man to have so many Anti-Corruption Agencies
in Every Nation on Earth including the UN only to find that Corruption is
flourishing World-Wide. In fact, Where ever
The Anti-Corruption Agency is Bigger, the Corruption is Greater.

So it is clear - All this Anti-Corruption Business is an Eye-Wash and Smoke Screen to provide
Palliative Treatment to the People and NOT to do something about the
MASSIVE CORRUPTION EPIDEMIC of Global Proportions on every Nation on Earth.
Losses are Corporatised but Profits are Personalized.
The Bernard Madoffs are Locked in, but the CEOs of Too Big to Fail are set FREE with bonus.
In fact, Now Corruption has been legitimized and Internationalized because of its Global Scale, and Politicians have an absolutely Legal Ruse.

Corruption has been Legalized and Internationalized. Thanks to Transparency International.
Thanks to Globalization. Thanks to the Internet. Thanks to Greed.
Thanks to Amnesty International. Thanks to Hot Money.
Thanks to The Fiat Financial System.
Thanks to The United Nations.

With Regards,
David Jeremiah

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