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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Crisis by 2012 - Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers : We are going to run out of trees in the world if they keep on printing money at this rate CNBC 17 Mar. 2010

The Chinese bubble economy Jan 2010 The Great Depression Unemployment Rate

Obviously, $7.89 billion per day of new debt is not how nations grow prosperous; rather it’s how they decline, degenerate, and degrade. When you break it down, it comes to $328.7 million per hour…$5.5 million per minute…and $91,300 per second of new – enduring – debt.

If that doesn’t make you doubt the integrity of your leaders in Washington then, we suspect, nothing will.

The Money Has Already Been Spent.
Cavanaugh: 5 Lies About US Economy

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