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Friday, March 26, 2010

Global Debt is 1 Quadrillion

Global Debt is I quadrillion - 1000 Trillion !!!:
Obama destroying the economy on purpose:
George Soros - World's Largest Drug Pusher: - Greece Needs Help.
15 Noteworthy Websites That Changed the Internet | Web 2.0:

80% of lives in towns and cities interrupted? Of course, and do you think money is the solution? Today - 3 generations - world-wide, have been bred and conditioned to belief money answers all things.
Modern System has over simplified logic - that there is a cradle to grave free surfing i.e. - born - school - university - work - insurance - marry - invest - family - holiday - die in peace and abundance. This is far from the truth we see in television with the American idol mentality.
Everything which comes with money is a man-made invention. So it is controlled by someone. So you are being controlled by that person. Everything is o.k. if you can balance your accounts at the end of the month.
However, when 80% of the people are broke 10 days in every month, something is grossly wrong after democracy, capitalism and globalisation has advanced for 100 years or more - especially with all those international think tanks around!

When the small people are broke we say, "it's indiscipline". When the Big Banks are broke we say, "system failure". Modern Big CEOs' understanding seems to have misplaced a word in their vocabulary. It is "Responsibility".
They greater the authority, the greater the priviledge - the greater the Responsiblity. If at the height of power and wealth they shun the hoi polloi, they are behaving exactly like the despotic Oligarchs of 17th, 18th & 19th Century who were dethroned for not even providing bread to the people.
Of course, in today's context it is not about bread. BREAD has become Cars, Houses, Roads, Insurance, Telecommunication, Internet, Employment, University Education, Social Security and Health Care. That is a tall order on demand!
Is this sustainable? Can it be fairly provided to all humanity. The Answer is an emphatic - "IMPOSSIBLE".

The Answer should be Rethink & Reform
. To have such a great magnitude of Things, some things are going to give way. We cannot progress in civilization if we continue by a system of the Law of the Jungle "survival of the fittest.'' Because the fittest oligarchs live by only 2 Laws - "There is one law for me and one law for others." And Civilization cannot progress by a system of Bluff. Real Economy - Bluff Economy mentality is only as good as Real Wife - Mistress Mentality!!!! Hello, is somebody listening.
Humans must put into practice what Jesus taught, "The Greatest among you shall be the servant of all." Or Live by What Mahatma Ghandi taught, "The only war we have to fight is the one within our own heart." Or what Mother Teresa lived by, "Everything I do - I do it unto Jesus."
Not easy? Nothing in life is easy. If there are words we have to remove from our vocabulary, they are "easy" and "irresponsible". When life becomes, difficult and responsible - Life will become sustainable, tolerable, stress free, manageable, balanced, likable and meaningful.

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