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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wall Street Unspun

Peter Schiff says the The Economy is getting Worse on 3/3/2010
- Phony Economy, Over valued Stocks, The Next Economic Crisis will be worse, Runaway Inflation. Oil is USD 81/-. We are not Recovering. National Interest is compromised. Self perpetuating spiral to disaster! Dollar is worth less 30% than what it was 20 years ago. Big Move of Gold is eminent. Dollar is going to go down - Ripe for plunge. Real Estate Bubble. China got to get rid of US Dollars.

Obama wants to spend another Trillion.
Wall St Unspun - July/29/09.
Wall Street Unspun, 07/28/2004 1/6
Peter Schiff 12/31/08 - Wall Street Unspun [Par...

The Big Crooks:
Henry Paulson
Ben Bernanke
Robert Rubin
Paul Volckner

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