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Monday, March 15, 2010

Tim Geithner

The Video That Will Put Geithner Behind Bars

The NY Fed, and likely Geithner himself, undermined, perhaps even violated, laws designed to protect investors and markets....

The Burdens Of Our Jobless Recovery:

Our Obsession With Stuff Is Trashing the Planet, Our Communities and Our Health

Sabah CM calls for water rationing

BN, PR trade barbs over 1 Malaysia, Middle Malaysia - The Malaysian Insider:

Derivative Illusion:

So far in 2010, the number of US bank failures has reached 25, a rate of two per week. This compares to 25 total bank failures for all of 2008, and three for 2007. Yet -- no matter how grave the data gets, few people imagine the corporate banking crisis trickling down to average Joe or Jane and their lollipop-dispensing drive-through bank tellers. Read more.

How Safe Is Your Bank, Really? -:

Causes Of The Great Depression:

Paul Krugman takes on China in his column this morning (see: Taking on China)

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