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Friday, March 5, 2010

Private Profit at Public Expense

Only 36,000 Lost Their Jobs Today:
Rise of the market state
Max Keiser News Blog:
Markets! Finance! Scandal!:
Jim Rogers: The Century of Asia - 2000 to 2099.

Financial Terrorists:

Economic Elite:
Raja Petra endures 8 hour grilling:
Congressman Ron Paul:

Ron Paul 2/15/10: Are US Taxpayers Bailing Out Greece?:

The Second Wave
Phony Money:
Amanpour, Hamas family spied for Israel:
Ron Paul : Fed Involved with Greece Bailout ?

Alistair Darling "UK won't pay for Greece bailout" (11Feb10)
Faber on Greece bailout
Greece Bailout? New Trouble for Europe's PIIGS

The Coming Euro Collapse- Euro Crisis BBC Special
Greece Bailout:
Michael Moore:
End of Capitalism:
Press TV:

Oligarch Bankers:
Real-world Economics Review
Economics Network Review:
The USD 8 Trillion Housing Bubble. The Power of Stupidity:
Alan Greenspan judged the Economist most responsible for the Financial Crisis:
Buyer be Aware:
Regulators close banks in four states

Financial Terrorism Iceland:
Banks shut in three US states
Banks shuttered in Fla., Ill., Md., Utah
The Associated Press:
Having a concrete plan to financial freedom

Home | AlterNet:
The USD 8 Trillion Housing Bubble. The Power of Stupidity:
The Economic Case Against Bernanke:
Banksters Win Yet Again:
Marc Faber on Max Keiser's "The Edge":

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