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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deception, Corruption and Cronyism

The people in the world are being taken for a ride by certain people in Power and Authority (Governments and Corporations).
The Nett effect is Rich getting Richer and The Poor Getting Poorer. Cost of Living Increasing faster than Earning Power of the average Person. Money is Printed out of Thin Air and unemployment is increasing. Poor mothers are killing their babies and Suicides are increasing. Water is Not Supplied. Air is Dirty and Food is Toxic. Farming by the Small Farmer is hampered: Education is to benefit the Corporates not the Individual. TV shows the Glossy but Hides the realities. Workers are exploited because of oversupply in a World of Globalization. Human Trafficking is the side-effect of Desperate people. Illegal immigration is a Phenomenon in every nation on Earth. So is Urban poor. The Corruption is Enough to Fill a 1000 Libraries of Books. And I am yet to write about Environment, Climate Change and healthcare. This is A GROSS FAILURE OF OUR GOVERNMENTS, CORPORATIONS AND THE UN.
When the Fox is Guarding the Hen House we want the People to Realize it. When The People are being Led to the Slaughter house like Cows we want to warn them. When Leaders are Double Crossing the People for their own Benefit, We are going to STOP it. Change can only be successful when a critical mass of People KNOW THE TRUTH.
THE WEB OF DEBT: - How Banks And The Federal Reserve Are Bankrupting The Planet:

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