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Monday, March 14, 2011

Marketing Madness

Money as Debt:

#1: Is the Protestant Bible Missing Seven Books?:
Great Credit Contraction Liquidity Pyramid:

"Internet speed in Malaysia has been affected by Tsunami in Japan." CEO TM Malaysia.

A little bit of History Helps. The Royalties and Lords ruled Europe in the Dark Ages to protect people against Barbarians. Every Regime had taken advantage of its protectorate at some time or other. With the Advent of Renaissance was new break-throughs in Knowledge and Science. Taxing of People was not easy - To retain Power and Rule They Have to develop ingenious ways of Control according to the Dictates of Time and Culture. The Powers that be HAD TO ADAPT AND ADOPT or be lost in obscurity.

Their Present Tactical Strategy to retain control of their 1000 year old Empire is Today's British-American Global Financial System - secretly linked with The Military Industrial Complex, The Shadow Banking System and Secret Societies and International Cabals and Cartels. Nobody gets into High Office in US without the Favor of this Group including the US President.
33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True:

Jesuit's Oath -
ALERT**ALERT* Secret Covenant End Times the Hidden Elite. Are Not hidden anymore.:
Hot Air:
2008 Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission:
Ron Paul: The Coming 2nd American Revolution & Exposing The FED (1/2)
REVOLUTION 2011: The People Rise up Against The Illuminati New World Order 2012:

Cornel West discusses President Obama's administration With Bill Maher:

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