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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Silver at $34 per oz

My Mission is To Expose The Shadow Banking System which has over Shadowed the Real Economy to as much people as Possible because I believe A Global Financial Crisis Greater than the 2008 Crisis is Looming. Every Rise and Fall of The Stock Market is Engineered. Lesson No 1: 1988; Lesson No 2: 1997; Lesson No 3: 2008. Notice Each One is getting Greater than the previous one. The Next one will Call for the imposition of Global Martial Law.
The Success of the Engineers of the Crisis depends Only On 2 Factors:
1) Your forgetfulness (2) Your Greed.

To be a Successful Being, We live in 4 Environments: 1) Internal Environment 2) Learnt Environment 3) Social Environment and 4)Hidden Environment => We can be Responsible to Work out our Life only if all the cards are on the Table. Through Knowledge and Progress,
3 of the Environments have been Revealed to us. However, of late my research tells me there is a Hidden or Shadow Environment that is Controlled by the Oligarch Elite Bankers. Because this Truth is Not Revealed and taught openly - People are unable to do the necessary to take Calculated Risks - This is Not some conspiracy Theory: Ben Bernanke and The Central Banks have admitted There is This Shadow Economy which Manipulates Markets, Catches people off guard and Widens the Rich - Poor Gap

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