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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fiat Financial System

The World is Running on a Fiat Financial System.
What is a Fiat System?
A Fiat System is one which requires Effort, Energy, Money, Brain Washing and Lies to up hold. When people are lied to by their own government, they cannot prepare themselves to face the realities of Life. So the Society will suffer many Social Dilemmas. Unemployment, Bankruptcies, Health Problems, Divorce, Suicides, Food-stamps, etc, etc.
The Dollar will end as the World Reserve Currency for sure. But I do not think it will go to zero. Probably 50% its present value. Definitely it will cause a lot of adjusting pains for Americans. The Financial Mess has been committed - Now we have to face the Consequences. No other way.

Is The USA ready for a 2nd Revolution?

As long as There is Helicopter Ben and his Money Printing Press on one end and the Social Food Stamp System on the other end, I believe Americans are Not ready for Revolution. I think the Fighting Spirit of 230 years ago has been very well attenuated by the Government; Plus their brains are being indoctrinated by main stream propaganda lies - HOW WILL THEY WAKE UP? Only Hungry stomachs cause revolutions - That's Why the Government provides Free Food for 42 Million Americans! Can you imagine what 42 Million hungry stomachs can do? The Revolution in Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain are happening because 25% the youth between 20 and 30 years are Unemployed and Hungry, Literally. Printing the Money and Feeding the Hungry is the Way The US Government is averting Revolution.
I Pray Americans wake up and do a Grass Root Revolution because that is the only Hope the World Has for Change. The Politicians are Corrupted. The System is Fiat. Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain are just Bush Fires. Americans must wake up because America holds 25% the World Economy and 70% the World still trades in US Dollars.
The 2nd American Revolution is the Only Hope For the World or we perish together in The New World Order, One World Government
- which is nothing but an Oligopoly Monolithic Secret Society Organization to allow the Super Rich Elite oppress the poor.

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