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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Education System

The Education System creates experts who can function only within a Box. When the roof, walls, or floor of the Box collapses as in a Meltdown or retrenchment the expert becomes an idiot. That is why street smart people seem to survive better than university graduates.

Street smart people learn psychology from life and experience. Graduates learn something from books that are out-dated and cannot be applied to their own life and reality. So the rug can be pulled from underneath them and they do not know it until it is too late.

When I was 17, I thought the President of America is The Greatest man on Earth. Now, I am 57. I think The President of America is the Greatest crook on Earth
and a puppet of The International Banking Cartel. That is 40 years in the Wilderness. I have been barking up the wrong tree.

I wouldn't be surprised if 3 Billion others were wandering too. I think maybe 1% have woken up after the 911-WTC collapse and the 2008 Financial Collapse. That's 30 Million People who know they are being Manipulated by Shadow Hands of Secret Societies of Oligopolies.

It is good to share this knowledge. Those who are not aware must be awakened and made aware. A solution can arise only when there is A CULTURE of awareness - NOT a culture of Zombies filling life with cyclical activities and achieving nothing accept going into a global downward spiral
leading to Anarchy and War.

God gave us abilities to Adapt to circumstances.
But Evil Men use those God given abilities to enslave the ignorant to Systems. Government provided Easy Systems leads to Big Government and Human Enslavement, not immediately but insidiously. Be Aware.

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