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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Economic Recovery Explained

Economic Recovery Explained: Or How Corporations Rob People
1) Money is Printed for Banks
2) Banks Finance the Corporations
3) Corporations Finance the Stock Markets
4) People think the Economy is Recovering
5) So People Finance the Stock Market with their Hard Earned Savings.
6) Stock Market Seems to Recover.
7) Banks and Corporations Withdraw from Stock Market.
8) People are Robbed.
9) Today even Nations are Bankrupted like this.

"There is no such thing as Crisis Free Capitalism." David Harvey
In Times of Crisis, It is Always in the Minds of Politicians Not to save the Economy but To Save the Few People who are running the Failed Economy. The Politician knows without them he himself is unable to do anything. Moreover, he needs their Finance and they need his Blessings.
So Capitalism always winds up with some smart handshakes under the Table. There is No such Thing as Government FOR the People in Times of Crisis.
The United States Debt Limit Explained - (CR) Heritage Foundation:
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