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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Debt or Debt Ceiling ?

This is My Picture of 2035 IF We Continue in the SAME TRACK:
100 Million Americans Marginalized.
1 Billion Others Displaced.
Food Stamps: To 1 Billion People World-wide.
Global Debt is Spread among 4 Billion People.
Another 4 Billion People Living Below The Poverty Line.
America as We know it is Over.
Oil replaced by another Energy Source.
Rich Richer. Poor Poorer.
Because Our leaders are Something Between:
Oligarch Puppets-War Mongers and Psychopaths-Money Squanderers.

"The Problem is the Debt not the Debt Ceiling." Peter Shiff

Just try To let this Sink into Your Head:
"The Owners of The Federal Reserve, IMF and The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) are The Same Oligarchs." Andrew Gause

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