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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Government-Bankers-Media Partnership

IF, ....Justice is NOT done to :
1) 9-11 WTC Collapse, 2001,
2) London Bombing 2005;
3) Global Economic Collapse 2008,....
....We will see the Rise of Corporate Communism and Police State World-Wide in the next 30 years. The Choice is YOURS to be awake OR not!
IT is NOT Difficult: All it Requires is a Partnership Between:
Have you Wiped off Ants on your Table when you see Them?
That is What Printing Money out of thin Air, adjusting Interest Rates & Fractional Reserve Banking does to Hundreds of Millions of innocent house buyers and small businessmen world-wide.
And THEY find no Solace when Displaced except to Weep in Shame for Trying to dip their hands into the Money Jar due to Ignorance of the Bigger Picture.

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