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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Global Super Rich Elite Oligarchs

The Global Super Rich Elite Oligarchs are Now sharing the Global Equity in the World as if the World and the people in it are their Grandmother's Pie. Know what is happening in the REAL WORLD. Do not be Satisfied with quick Fixes and Easy Answers. The Masses are being Manipulated like Ants. The Oligarchs do not CARE. They give you a Dream and they keep the REAL STUFF.
G20 - an Up Graded version of G8 is the Front.
At the Back Room is where the Real Negotiations Take Place and People, Lands, Companies, Commodities and Nations are BOUGHT and SOLD like Chattel. Why Else are there 3.5 Billion People Living on Less than $2 a day, 66 years AFTER World War II ?
Please Think.
1776 - The USA Received a Fiat Independence.
Post 1945, After World War II - Most of The Developing World received a Fiat Independence too from their Colonial Masters. The World is STILL Controlled by the Elite through an Intricate System of Money, Propaganda, Industry, Internet, Media, Education, Food Supply and Entertainment.
"All People are Equal but Some are More Equal than Others."
George Orwell
I was shocked when I Saw the Front Page of our Daily News Paper With A Big Face of George W. Bush on the 15th October 2008 with the Large Words, "Global Financial Catastrophe - George Bush". From then on I did not Rest To seek what the Hell is Happening that is Not Reported. I found everything is Reported: But you yourself have Cut through the clutter to Extract the Truth of How, Why, When of Politics and Socio-Economics, Law, Poverty and War. Everything is Manipulated by Powerful Hidden Hands - including the Stock Market.

Naomi Wolf: 'Obama can lock any US citizen up without trial'

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