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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Manifest Destiny

Local firms advised to reposition

THE Print Money-out-of-Thin-Air SYSTEM + Industrialization + Urbanization + HiTech + CIA + Internet + Globalization WTO Laws + Military + Media + Shadow Banking = BENEFIT the Status Quo and Elite Oligarchs. THEY are Practically Setting Up Humanity into A No-Way-Out Death Trap!

The phrase Manifest Destiny was coined in the mid 19th century to put a smiling face on the westward expansion of the United States. This belief system served as justification for the slaughter of Native Americans, war with Mexico, and the employment of countless cartographers.
The Greatest Geo-Political and Economic Shift of A Hundred Years is Happening Now. The Global Economy in the Last Century was developed by a FEW men in POWER like a Township using Models:
The World we had in 1950 was Modeled in 1920.
The World we had in 1980 was Modeled in 1950.
The World we had in 2010 was Modeled in 1980.
The World we will have in 2040 is BEING MODELED RIGHT NOW BY A FEW MEN IN POWER. Knowledge and Strategic Action Plan is Your Best Protection for the Future of You and Your Family. Know what is Agenda 21 and The New World Order. Google it. Empower Yourself by Learning about the Changes and Movements happening in the World.
Avoid Risky Loans. Think Long Term. Think Global Stability.
Your Thoughts will Shape the Future.

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