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Monday, August 1, 2011

7 Billion People !

"China Will be World's largest Economy in 2016 with GDP of $18 Trillion/yr." IMF
Most People Don't Even Know:
1 Billion People are in Starvation Mode.
2 Billion People Have No Proper Housing & Sanitation.
3 Billion People Have No access to Energy Supply.
4 Billion People Have Nil To Poor Education.
5 Billion People Have Nil To Poor Healthcare.
6 Billion People Have Only The Hope of A Rat Race Life.
7 Billion People are Scrambling for the Wrong Value System.
Billion Billion Billion Billion Billion Billion Billion Billion

This is My Picture of 2035 IF We Continue in the SAME TRACK:
100 Million Americans Marginalized.
1 Billion Others Displaced.
Food Stamps: To 1 Billion People World-wide.
Global Debt is Spread among 4 Billion People.
Another 4 Billion People Living Below The Poverty Line.
America as We know it is Over.
Oil replaced by another Energy Source.
Rich Richer. Poor Poorer.
Gadaffi is Targeted because of:
1) Gold,
2) Oil,
3) Nation with the Lowest Debt/GDP Ratio (3%).
4) Water

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