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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dark clouds over US and Europe by Dr.Lin See-Yan

Dark clouds over US and Europe
By Dr.Lin See-Yan
For months, the Federal Reserve had dismissed the economy's poor performance as a transitory reaction to Japan's natural disaster and oil price increases driven by turmoil in the Middle East. They now admit much stiffer headwinds are restraining the recovery, enough to keep growth painfully slow. Recent sentiment surveys and business activity indicators are consistent with expectations of a marked slowdown in US growth. Fiscal austerity will now prove to be a drag on growth for years. Housing isn't coming back quickly. Households are still trying to rid themselves of debt in the face of eroding wealth." Dr.Lin See Yan

Joan Veon When Central Banks Rule the World Part 1/9 - YouTube
"Many think the World is Ruled through Governments, however, it is the Central Banks and THE POWER BEHIND THEM that rule the world." Joan Veon

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