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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Global Debt & People

Global Debt
As Long As People want Conveniences, Urbanization and Industrialization Faster & Faster - The Global debt will Grow. Now, since USA has shown the WAY to spur ECONOMY is DEBT AT ALL COST, many More Copy Cat Nations Will Follow This Evil and Drag The Whole World Down Domino Style. The Rich Will find a Haven. Main Stream Media will Always be Glossy; But the Poor voiceless will have No Place Turn. So Don't be surprised when bad news reaches nearer home. It was all Preplanned that way.

Capitalism & Democracy Ceased To Exist since Sept 11th, 2001.
Everything is Controlled, Planned & Created By Unseen Hands.
Science + Evil Minds made possible Such Tools.
People are just Disposable Part of the Supply-Demand Chain.
The Oligarchs are the Permanent Part of Supply-Demand Chain.
If You are not sure of this, ask yourself,
"How was it possible for Corruption To Reach SUCH A HIGH LEVEL?"
Corruption is So High Today That it is AN OPEN SECRET, no one seems to be ashamed of it, Everyone Talks about it, The Higher a person is in The Financial Hegemony, The Higher is His/her Privilege To be on the Take. Somebody is Educating Them in:
It's an open secret because we are now in the process of the 'End Game'. It's there, for all to see.

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