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Saturday, August 13, 2011

US No Longer AAA

US no longer ‘AAA’:

Full GOP Debate in Ames, Iowa - Aug. 11, 2011:

I Think The Government Should Put Up This NOTICE For their own Safe Guard, because THEY are The Most Life Threatening Entity:
WE are living in A World of False Flags, Deceivers, Perpetrators, Instigators and DISINFORMERS. Check All Your Information Even if They SEEM to Come from A Reliable Source. You Are Responsible For your Life. The Government Has Never Been responsible For Your Birth, Wealth or Death. To Avoid Post Traumatic Disorder Syndrome and Becoming A RIOTER, Before You Make A make A Major Life Move Check for:
1) Physical Hazards
2) Mental Hazards
3) Social Hazards
4) Cultural Hazards
5) Spiritual Hazards
6) Health Hazards
7) Financial Hazards
8) Political Hazards
9) Economic Hazards
10) Self Created Hazards
11) Major Government ReEngineering Hazards

The Most Common & Subtle Hazards Are:
Life-Style Hazards:
And Iatrogenic.

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