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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The IMF on Trial - Al Jazeera

The IMF on trial - Empire - Al Jazeera English:
Ann Pettifor is the Author of "The Coming First World Debt Crisis", 2006.

The Debt Crisis is Not a National or Regional Debt Crisis.
The Ramifications of it is Mind Boggling even to a Trained Person.

The primary Duty of A government is To Ensure its Own Survival even if Cost The Lives of Many.They will Dis-inform the People with Impunity. They will have No Scruples when it comes to Lies for the sake of Their own Status, Domination and Future.

How Will The Global Economy Recover when we are in:
the Middle of a Global Debt Crisis,
Having Corrupted National Leaders,
and The Top Brains in The World are seeking High Income Careers
in High Flying Multi-National Corporations which
Get their Financing From
Highly Connected Central Banks which
print Money out of Thin Air and

Are owned by A Few Parasitic Financial Oligarchs ?
If you study the Events Between 1930 and 1940 You will Understand 1941 was just a Natural Outcome.
If you Study 1903 t0 1913, You Will Understand 1914 was just a Natural Outcome.
If You Study, 1997 to 2007, You will Understand 2008 was Just a Natural Outcome.
If You study 2010 to 2020 you will Understand 2021 is Just a Natural Outcome.



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