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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Life on the Edge of A bubble: William Lewis

pt 1/2 Gerald Celente - Alex Jones Tv - 03 Aug 2011

The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin)
G. Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B17
Economic Collapse a Mathematical Certainty

Listen Carefully ... Hear the Reality of Obama's Actions
What If China Collected on U.S. Debt?
"Gold is Responding to the decline of the American Empire."
Stacy Herbert
"There is A $500 Trillion Debt out there." Max Keiser
Life On The Edge of A Bubble - TRAILER

William Lewis:
{Director} William Lewis (In-Studio) on Alex Jones Tv 1/4:Bubbles, Panics and Depressions

The Corporation {Full Movie} [Greek Subtitles]
Ring of Power: Empire of the City-Full Length Documentary
The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis
The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson - full 4hr 48min (minus E06)
The Money Masters - Full
Money As Debt-Full Length Documentary
America: Freedom to Fascism-Full Length Documentary

Fall of the Republic HQ full length version
The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century - 12160

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