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Friday, August 19, 2011

Eurozone Debt Crisis

I will Tell You A well kept Economic secret. Don't tell any One else.
The Global Economy Used To Depend on the US Economy as its Engine of Growth because the US Economy was the Largest in The World. Now, Not only the US Economy is in A Ditch, The World's Top 10 Economies are also in the Ditch.
Shhhhh.....! Don't Tell that to anyone Else!
The Global Economy Like A Train is going To Come TO A GRINDING HALT in one or two years, Then ....God only knows what the devil has up its sleeve !
The Bilderberg Group Experiments
Experiment No.1: 1945 to 1970 = 1 Billion Rats from US & Europe Tested
Experiment No.2: 1970 to 2010 = 1 Billion Rats from China Tested.
Experiment No.3: 2010 to 2040 = 1 Billion Rats from India TO BE TESTED.
The Global Economy is A Hegemony and Runs Like A Train, like an Engine Pulling the Coaches; except that at the Lower End of The Hegemony there are More Coaches than in the Top End. Now that the SYSTEM has collapsed - Things will ONLY GET WORSE WITH TIME, as with Time, More and More Coaches will be Falling at one Time.
How Will The World Improve when The Top Brains in The World are seeking A High Income Career in High Flying Multi-National Corporations which Get their Financing From Highly Connected Central Banks which print Money out of Thin Air ?

Today's news at A Glance: 19th Aug. 2011
India Protesting Graft
Syria Facing Regime Change
Libya Facing Regime Change
Gold: $1820/oz
Global Markets Down
Eurozone Credit Crisis
Spain Protests Pope.
Tony Fernandes Shines
Pakistan - 1 Million caught in Floods.
Somalia - 4 million Refugees
Spain - 5 Million Unemployed
China - US Negotiating Debt Debacle
US - guzzling Oil while 45 Million on Food stamps
Palestine - 6 Died by Israel Attacks

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