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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Geo-Political & Financial Structuring

These Are The Years When Major Structural Changes Took Place WHICH just swept Humans into Good Fortune or Bad Luck. BUT Those in Power Retained Their Status:

The Last major Geo-Political Structural Changes took place in:
1918 - After The 1st World War.
1945 - After The 2nd World War.
1990 - After the Collapse of USSR.
2008 - After The Global Economic Collapse (Back Room Deals are Going on.)

The Last Major Global Financial Structural Changes Took Place in:
1913 - The Creation of The Federal Reserve in U.S.
1933 - The Declaration of The Bankruptcy of USA in Congress.
1945 - The Breton Woods Agreement.
1970 - The Removal of The Gold Standard.
1998 - The Glass-Steagal Banking Deregulation Act.

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