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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Corruption and Hypocrisy

Corruption & Hypocrisy:

Corruption is The No.1 Malaise of the 21st Century. If you add Hypocrisy to that, we are talking about an incurable disease. The Royalties of Former days have showed the Common Man that any one can be KING if he can prove it. The King's Life Style of Consumerism, Materialism and Luxury Living was Bequeathed to performers. But just Like the Royalties of old, these Novo Rich have Forgotten the rungs on which they climbed the Ladder of Elitism, i.e. they have forgotten the Common Man and what it takes to be be human. Instead of Compassion for the common man they have bequeathed him with Rubbish, No Food and Work.

The Sooner The General Public Understands This The Better:
There are Several Power Centers or Elite Oligarchs the World over. They Are:
1) The Euro-American
2) The Arabian
3) The Russian
4) The Chinese
5) The Indian
They Will Fight Each other and bargain with each Other;
But, at All times: The sacrifice will be the Lives of the people.
When Electricity is Not Reliable the Price of Generators Go up.
When Clean Water is not Available The Price of Bottled water Goes Up.
When The Room Temperature is Too Hot, Price of Air Conditioners Go up.
When the US Dollar is not Reliable, THE PRICE OF GOLD GOES UP.

For The Last 77 years:
THE US never broadcasted openly about:
1) Money Created out of Thin Air
2) Quantitative Easing
3) Raising The Debt Ceiling
4) Level of DEBT.
They are doing it now on A Daily Basis.
That tells me they are AT THE END OF THEIR DECEPTION WITS, that is why they are telling it Like it is; From now on:
IF YOU Do not Read The Writing on the Wall, it is YOUR PROBLEM.

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