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Sunday, November 20, 2011

13 Steps To Economic Collapse

13 Steps To Economic Collapse:

1. Exports Decrease ; Imports Increase
2. FED Lends more money. Stock Markets go up.
3. Imported goods are preferred. Borrowing increases.
4. Money runs out of the Country.
6. Recession & Job Losses.
7. Banks Stop Lending.
8. Businesses go bankrupt. Unemployment Increases. Bear Market.
9. Paper Money Withdrawn from Banks. Depression sets in.
10. Cash becomes Scarce. Banks try to prevent runs.
11. Banks Become Bankrupt.
12. Government Steps in. Spiraling Hyperinflation.
13. Collapse
America: Destroyed By Design

Global Economic Collapse
How can we not be a Debt Slave ?

Don't Get into Debt.
Buy Cash or Don't Buy at All.
Or at least, Don't over extend your Debts.

Because of Today's Financial Climate:
A Man without Savings is No Man at all.
A Nation without Savings is No Nation at all.

How to destroy a Man?
Destroy his Savings.
How to Destroy a Nation?
Destroy her Savings.
How to Conquer the World?
Conquer her Savings.

You Cannot Build A Nation without Building The Man & The Woman.
IF you try to Build the Nation without Building The Man & The Woman,

TOO BIG To Fail is A Lie.
Next it will become TOO BIG TO SAVE.

IT is obvious the Global elite have no Interest in People;
For They have Collapsed Nation after Nation, all over the World, all the time.

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