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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Money is Like Water

Money is Not Important,
But Everything Important needs Money.

What are the Important things that Need Money?
Food, Clothes, House, Car, Fuel, Electricity, Water, Toilet Paper, Internet, Hand-Phone, Computer, Insurance, Investments, Business, Projects, Savings, Education, Books, Health & Medicine.

But What is The Most Important Thing That needs Money, Today?
Debts. Yes, Paying Up Debts.
Europe does not know how to pay up its Debts !
America does not know how to pay up its Debts !
About a hundred other Nations, Maybe 150, do not know how to Pay up.

In Comes the FED and the ECB Which are Both Private Companies owned by Oligarchs and say, "NO PROBLEM".
"We will Print the Money out of Thin Air AND LOAN it to YOU."
Problem kicked down to the Next Generation. Politically Solved.
Economically, The Problem is Getting Bigger.

Money is Not Important,
But Everything Important needs Money.

MONEY is like water.

There is Nothing Wrong with Money.
Money is Just a Medium of Exchange, Like Air or Water.
Without that Medium, Activity is Restricted.
But Adding Loans to the MONEY SYSTEM is like adding some some chlorine to kill bacteria in water and making it look white and clean.
Having Loans is Bad Enough but on TOP of that LOANS you have Usury, Fractional Reserve Banking, Money-Printed-out-of-thin-Air, Unregulated Banking, Shadow off-shore Banks, Insider Trading, Cronyism, Corruption, Bail-Outs, Food-Stamps, subsidizing costs, Cost-of-Living, Inflation, False Flag Events, Creating Wars to Tax the Public, Wanton Wastage, Unlimited Credit Cards, Conspicuous Shop-Till-You-Drop Consumerism, Fictional Doctored Accounting, Slave Trading, Globalization, Too-Big-To-Fail, Ponzi Schemes, Hedge Funds, Financial Predators and Casino Stock Markets:
THAT"S LIKE adding into fresh filtered water - Shit, Toxins, Carcinogens, Six Thousand Industrial Wastes, Oil-Spill & Mercury to an Unlimited Degree !
And Then, Telling People: DRINK IT !
Wilhelm Reich


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