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Saturday, November 19, 2011

An overview of our World

The World as we know it

Since 2008, Most Global Leaders know there is A Systemic Failure in the Monetary System. So Why all the Bailouts? The Bailouts are just To Protect The Status Quo. Buying Time.

Remember They already know they have To Print and Spend $1 Trillion a Year for the next 8 to 10 Years to just keep America from Collapsing. And then America will Collapse!

I would not be surprised if the Rest of the World is also Printing another $1 trillion a year. Inflation is the Nett Result & you see your Food Prices Rising.

This is the Period ( 2008 to 2020 ) when The Elite Get a Chance to Redistribute their Wealth & Investments in the Right Global Baskets. The 99% will just have to sink with the ship And adjust to the New Environment & Conditions.

The World as we know it was over in 2008.

Wars are For Energy.

WHY The Attack on Iran is Just a matter of Timing:
BECAUSE America HAS NEVER EVER resisted the Temptation to attack an Oil & Gas Rich Nation.

Iraq War was waiting to happen since 1970.
Libyan War was waiting to Happen Since 1970
Afghanistan War was waiting to Happen Since 1980
Iran War is waiting to happen Since 1980.

According to USA Iran is Provoking the War.
But a 100 other nations do not have the same opinion and are NOT Heard !

0 An Overview of Our World
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