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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


True Freedom Seekers should Love To Work.

Work is a Form of Self Expression which True Freedom Seekers Desire. Don't Work For Money. Work because you are alive & Life provides every Man/Woman a Gift to stay alive without depending on another OR the government. Work your Talent & Your Talent will Work You. Money should be just the side benefit. Money should not be an end in itself.

Work is Good. Greed is Bad.
Contentment is Good. Envy is Bad.
Hard work is Good. Laziness is Bad.

However, For those in the Midst of an Employment Crisis, I understand Your Dilemma. It is a "Catch 22."

Refuse to depend on Government Handouts. There is Nothing More Empowering than Working & Serving food on the Table for a family & Thanking God/Universe for it.
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THIS is the true core of the Population Problem.
It is not that there are 7 Billion People on earth and it is going to rise.

THE TRUE CORE of the Population problem is that for the 1st time in HISTORY MORE people are living in URBAN Areas than in RURAL Areas.
The Agenda
I know there will be another Global Economic Collapse in 2014.
I am not a Pessimist or A Doom & Gloom Sooth Sayer. But I do not Like The Lies of The Government and the Main Stream Media & The Bankers. The Sooner they Get To The Bottom of The Truth, The sooner the "mistakes" & "defects" in the SYSTEM can be corrected.

Why wait until,
30% of the world are having Lung diseases,
80% of the People of the World are in Financial Stress &
99% of The world in Peril ??


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